Pork cuts usage



The head is useful for making stocks and soups as it contains a large amount of bone

It can also be used to make brawn, pate or terrines


Used as spare ribs, chops, boneless steaks, diced pork and mince. The common feature of all the meat is that it's slightly fatty and therefore doesn't dry out when cooked for a long time. Can be boned and rolled as a joint and is suitable as a joint to roast or pot roast. Very good value for money with a rich flavour.


The loin runs across most of the back of the pig. Can be cooked on or off the bone. It is also cured and used as bacon. Most of the cuts are all mid-priced.

A very versatile and lower-cost cut of meat with an incredibly sweet flavour that is often under estimated. Ideal for barbecues and casseroles. Spare ribs are suitable to grill, barbecue, casserole or bake.


The leg is the premium pork joint. Roasting joints are very lean which makes it a more expensive cut of pork. Steaks and diced meat are suitable for grilling or stir-frying. This part is also cured into ham, gammon roasting joints, gammon steak and the highest quality bacon.

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