Brett O'Brien

Worked for his father in the family business from 1990 and become a partner in 2002. Became the owner in 2010 on the retirement of his father. Brett continues the long family hisory of serving the local area with quality products. A tradition started by his great  great grand father who used to serve fresh fish from a horse and cart in the Tower Hamlets area of Dover in the late nineteenth century.

Andrew Anthony

Andrew started with us in 2011. Before he became a butcher he was a fully qualified chef and his experience in catering has proven a useful asset in his time with us.

Mark Smith

Mark started as a butcher in Dover aged 14 in 1978 and has worked with us since 1995. He is a vastly experienced and knowledgeable butcher, shop manager and chief sausage maker.

Tony Gibbs

Tony started with us in 1982 aged 16 on the YTS scheme and has been with us ever since . He is also vastly experienced
and you will see him out and about in the van helping with the daily deliveries.

Louise McLeish

Louise is Brett's sister and works part time for us she deals with many aspects of the bookkeeping side of things.

Greg O'Brien

Began the business in 1970.  With a  family background in food retailing he soon realised the potential growth of serving hotels, restaurants, pubs etc. Quality products  and good service were also key to his success.  Greg spent the next 40 years  in the business before fully retiring in 2010. He is still seen around helping out at busy times .