Lamb cuts usage


Used as stewing lamb or made into mincemeat. Needs very long

slow, moist cooking. Also known as Scrag End.


A traditional slow roasting joint. Cubed it is suitable for curries, kebabs, or casseroles.


A rack of lamb is the name given to the whole rib. A tender and flavoursome cut it is

suitable for dry heat cooking such as roasting or grilling. It can be cut into little chops called cutlets.


An economical but sweetest cut of lamb which is very versatile. It can be roasted on the bone, which results in a crispy skin. It can be roasted on the bone or boned, stuffed and rolled.


The loin is in fact two cuts: best end of neck towards the front of the animal and loin  towards the rear. The loin is the tenderest part of the lamb. It's from this area that loin chops come from as well as medallions, noisettes and roasting cuts.


This cut comes from where the loin meets the leg, and is used for roasting, grilling and is ideal for stewing.


Can be used whole or divided in two for roasting. Whole legs can also be sliced across, on or off the bone, into leg steaks for grilling. Legs can be boned and rolled into an easy-to-carve roasting joint.


A popular cut which is suitable for slow roasting, stewing and braising for tenderness and flavour. It is also known as hind shank.

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